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Corporate Plan

The Taxi Services Commission Corporate Plan sets out a four year forward program of work for the commission. It outlines our vision, organisational values and role within the Victorian Government's economic development portfolio.

The corporate plan ensures our objectives are aligned with the transport system objectives as stated in the Transport Integration Act 2010 and provides the Taxi Services Commission's Statement of Corporate Intent. The plan also meets the requirements of the Transport Integration Amendment (Head, Transport for Victoria and Other Governance Reforms) Act 2017 including consultation with Transport for Victoria, the new lead transport agency in Victoria and the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources, and consistency with Victoria's transport priorities.

This corporate plan documents the commitments, operating environment and future challenges for the Taxi Services Commission and also measures the commission’s progress in delivering against each of our strategic objectives.

As part of the strategic planning process, the corporate plan is reviewed annually and updated. This ensures we are regulating the commercial passenger vehicle industry to achieve the best outcomes for the Victorian community.

The attached corporate plan is approved by the commissioners of the Taxi Services Commission and the Head of Transport for Victoria.

TSC Corporate Plan 2017–21 PDF, 1.1 MB