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Register of Disciplinary Action

Consistent with the TSC's Monitoring Compliance and Enforcement Policy 2015, the TSC will soon publish on its website a Register of Disciplinary Action (RODA). The RODA will contain details of:

  • Disciplinary action taken against a person's accreditation or driving instructor authority
  • VCAT outcomes, and
  • Criminal prosecutions by the TSC (both indictable and summary).

Why have a RODA?

Publication of prosecution and disciplinary outcomes is a common and key tool for continuously improving standards of behaviour in an industry. The TSC's RODA aims to further enhance industry standards by deterring industry members from engaging in seriously improper behaviour, criminal offences and breaches of relevant laws and obligations.  

The RODA also promotes transparency and consistency in how the TSC makes its disciplinary decisions. 

What about privacy?

The RODA will not contain any information that will identify a person who has only been the subject of disciplinary action.

But where information is already publicly disclosed (like in criminal prosecutions and in VCAT matters), identifying information will be published.

If someone is concerned that their identity is apparent from the RODA, they will be able to contact the TSC's dedicated privacy inbox: privacy@taxi.vic.gov.au

What details will be on the RODA?

For disciplinary action, the RODA will show the type of accreditation, why action was taken and what that action was.

For VCAT outcomes, there will be a link to the decision on an external website.

For criminal prosecutions, the RODA will show the offender's name, the date and Court of the finding of guilt, the offence and the sentence.

More information will be available soon.