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Taxi Rank Safety Program

The Taxi Rank Safety Program (TRSP) is a Victorian Government initiative that provides grants to councils across the State to improve the safety, quality and amenity of taxi ranks in areas of high usage.

The 2015-2016 funding round has closed. All relevant councils have been notified of the outcome of their application.

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Type of infrastructure funded

Infrastructure that may be funded by this program includes but is not limited to:

  • closed circuit television
  • improved lighting
  • pedestrian barriers
  • weather shelters
  • signage
  • seats
  • modifications to curbing or road treatments.


Only councils in Victoria are eligible to apply for funding. Community groups, businesses and taxi companies wishing to have input into the program are advised to contact their local council.

Assessment guidelines

Each application for the TRSP is assessed against specific criteria detailed in the funding round's program guidelines:

Applications are assessed by the Taxi Services Commission (TSC) to ensure that funding is awarded to councils that demonstrate that the requested infrastructure will provide the greatest benefit for both taxi passengers and drivers.

In line with the Government's commitment to increase safety on Victorian streets, priority will be given to infrastructure projects that further enhance Safe Taxi Ranks.

Previous grants

Since the start of the TRSP over $3.9 million in grants has been allocated to 41 Victorian councils:

Taxi Rank Safety Program evaluation

In 2015, the TSC commissioned an independent evaluation of the Taxi Rank Safety Program to determine whether the program meets its objectives and outcomes. The evaluation also considered a number of funding arrangements for the ongoing investment in, operation and sustainability of, safe ranks:

Safe Taxi Rank guidelines

Taxis play an important role in moving passengers into and out of licensed venues, entertainment precincts and major events. A Safe Taxi Rank (STR) can provide a safer environment for taxi passengers and drivers at night or at events where large numbers of passengers are requiring taxi services.

Input from the taxi industry, VicRoads, accessibility advocates and councils has been used to develop guidelines on STRs. This information can be used by councils (or other parties) across Victoria, interested in establishing and operating a STR within their municipality or on private land.

The TSC aims to promote consistency in STRs across Victoria by providing information on good practice design, infrastructure, accessibility and operational requirements; whilst also ensuring that any outcomes are not overly prescriptive and do not impose a significant burden on local governments, agencies/stakeholders, taxi industry or the TSC:

More information

If you have any questions about the Taxi Rank Safety Program, evaluation or Safe Taxi Rank guidelines, contact the Taxi Services Commission:

Email: trsp@taxi.vic.gov.au
Tel.: 1800 638 802