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Taxi and hire car industry statistics

This page provides statistics for the Victorian taxi and hire car industry, effective 30 October 2016.

Please note that the licence price shown in the table below is the most recent monthly median transfer price recorded for a perpetual taxi licence. It is important to note that historical transfer prices do not represent current or future taxi licence values.

Taxi and hire car statistics end of January 2018

Number of taxi licences


Number of hire car licences

Victorian hire car23,369

Note: The number of Victorian hire car licences increased significantly in January due to new entrants to the market applying for licence accreditation.

Number of drivers

Active taxi drivers*16,537
Accredited drivers (taxi, hire car and bus drivers)69,180

*Active taxi drivers are those who have recorded at least one shift in the last 12 months.

Compliance outcomes

Vehicle Inspections1,614
Infringement Notice22
Regulation 12 Notice374
Official Caution (Written warning)27
Rectification Notice88
Defect Notice14

Note: Following the introduction of CPV licence reforms in October 2017, licence assignments and licence transfers have ceased. Therefore there are no longer results to report against these transactions.