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20 Mar 2014

Up to 60 metropolitan licences will be available via a lottery for a 12 month fixed term

The Taxi Services Commission (TSC) today announced that up to 60 metropolitan licences will be available via a lottery for a 12 month fixed term.  The release of licences will include up to 46 conventional licences and 14 wheelchair accessible taxis, meaning that all members of the community will benefit from additional taxi services on our roads.

This taxi licence lottery is only open to operators that were industry accredited as at 17 March 2014, but this will change from 1 July 2014 when licences become available as of right.

From 1 July 2014, anyone will be able to apply for a licence directly from the Taxi Services Commission as of right, and the industry needs to prepare for this.

Read the media release. Read more Early licence release.  

21 Feb 2014

Release of additional taxi cab licences in the metropolitan zone

The Taxi Services Commission confirms it is progressing the early release of additional taxi cab licences in the metropolitan zone. More information on the release and application process for these licences is expected in the coming weeks. At this stage you cannot submit an application or place your name on a waiting list. To keep informed about this reform initiative, we recommend you send your details to taxireform@taxi.vic.gov.au.

14 Jan 2014

Reduce non-cash payment surcharge from 1 February

Reduce non-cash payment surcharge from 1 February.

08 Jan 2014

Update on fare determination

The Minister for Public Transport Terry Mulder has announced that the new taxi fare determination would be brought forward to March 2014, to enable the restructured fares to be in place by May 2014.

This will give the taxi industry and its customers clarity about fares sooner rather than later.

Between March and May, preparation for the new fares will include reprogramming meters, determining a new schedule of hiring rates and printing in-cab fare information stickers.

As part of the reforms, the Essential Services Commission (ESC) has been working on a review of fares for the metropolitan and urban taxi zones since September 2013. The Minister has also asked the ESC to look at the most appropriate way of dealing with volatile cost pressures, such as fuel prices.

Once the new fares are brought in, the taxi industry will benefit from an initial pricing structure that should make the industry more desirable for new drivers and provide appropriate compensation for those providing a good service.

As the new regulated fares will take effect in May, there will be around a month where country and regional taxis will have to use them.

New legislation will come into effect on 1 July, which will see the ESC become the agency responsible for setting regulated fares for metropolitan Melbourne and urban zones and enable country taxis to set their own fares.

12 Sep 2013

Taxi fare review 2013-2014 - Call for ideas

The Essential Services Commission (ESC) is an independent body charged with promoting the long term interests of Victorian consumers with regard to the price, quality and reliability of essential services.

As part of the taxi industry reforms, the ESC is responsible for determining the maximum fares to be charged in the Metropolitan and Urban zones. Under the new legislation, the Commission is required to make its first determination on maximum taxi fares by 1 July 2014.

As a first step in the fare review process, the ESC has released a Call for Ideas paper. The ESC are seeking community and industry views about the future of taxi fares.

The ESC are interested in ideas that help make taxi services a more attractive option for customers, while ensuring the ongoing viability of the industry.  

Stakeholders may wish to respond to specific questions included in the paper.

Submissions are due by 8 October 2013.

Download the Call for Ideas paper or visit the ESC website for further information.