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12 Sep 2013

Taxi fare review 2013-2014 - Call for ideas

The Essential Services Commission (ESC) is an independent body charged with promoting the long term interests of Victorian consumers with regard to the price, quality and reliability of essential services.

As part of the taxi industry reforms, the ESC is responsible for determining the maximum fares to be charged in the Metropolitan and Urban zones. Under the new legislation, the Commission is required to make its first determination on maximum taxi fares by 1 July 2014.

As a first step in the fare review process, the ESC has released a Call for Ideas paper. The ESC are seeking community and industry views about the future of taxi fares.

The ESC are interested in ideas that help make taxi services a more attractive option for customers, while ensuring the ongoing viability of the industry.  

Stakeholders may wish to respond to specific questions included in the paper.

Submissions are due by 8 October 2013.

Download the Call for Ideas paper or visit the ESC website for further information.

09 Sep 2013

Taxi Services Commission outlines vision

In an address to the Victorian Taxi Association’s annual conference today, Graeme Samuel, Chair of the Taxi Services Commission, reiterated how the reforms to the taxi and hire car industry are transforming the industry.

Among the key reforms are changes to driver and operator standards, a more competitive licensing model and permitting advertising on, and in, taxis.

Mr Samuel highlighted that the reforms are all part of the move to a more innovative and service based taxi and hire car industry.

"The key to the reforms is about trying to unfreeze the industry and give owners and operators more options," Mr Samuels said.

Read the media releaseDOC, 338.5 KB.

09 Sep 2013

Advertising returns to Victorian Taxis

Victorian taxis can carry now advertising on, and in, their taxis.

The changes came into effect 9 September 2013 following the publication of a Government Gazette. Taxi Services Commission Chief Commissioner, Graeme Samuel, publically announced this reform in an address to the Victorian Taxi Association's annual conference today.

In announcing the lifting of a ban of nearly two decades, Mr Samuel said, “Operators can now choose to earn significant revenue by carrying advertising on, and in, their taxis".

"External advertising on taxis is common around Australia. With this change we are bringing Victoria into line with most other Australian states".

Hire cars will also be able to carry advertising provided they comply with the appropriate standards set by the Taxi Services Commission.

Read the media releaseDOC, 335.0 KB. Read more about Advertising in taxis. Read FAQs: Advertising in taxis.

02 Sep 2013

Changes to lifting fee

From 1 September 2013, a Consumer Price Index (CPI) increase of 2.2 per cent has been approved for the lifting fee for Wheelchair Access Taxis (WATs). View the Travelling with a disability web page for full details.

28 May 2013

Government appoints Commissioners to drive taxi reform

The Victorian Government has put the taxi industry into good hands with Mr Graeme Samuel AC announced today as Chair of the new Taxi Services Commission from 1 July 2013.

Premier Denis Napthine said Mr Samuel was well known for his long serving and respected role as chairman of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission from 2003 to 2011.

"Graeme has a strong track record of championing the interests of consumers and is a proven advocate for integrity and change," Dr Napthine said.

"We are thrilled to have appointed Graeme and have confidence that he, and his fellow commissioners Douglas Shirrefs and Merran Kelsall, will be able to drive fundamental organisational and cultural change that will benefit both drivers and customers. All three commissioners bring with them fantastic experience, expertise and enthusiasm and I know they will be whole-heartedly committed to bringing about much needed improvements to the industry."

Read more about the taxi reforms.