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27 Mar 2015

More Knowledge test sessions now available

Additional Knowledge sessions will be available at our CBD location from 1 April 2015. 

More and more sessions are being added all the time, so check back regularly to see if your preferred time and date are available.

Tullamarine, Ringwood and Frankston tend to fill up quickly, so if you need to sit the Knowledge quickly, remember to check the CBD location.

Check availability now.

26 Mar 2015

Changes to Special Purpose and Restricted Hire vehicle stickers

New licence windscreen stickers (also known as labels) are being issued for Special Purpose and Restricted Hire vehicles. The 2015 the stickers will be florescent green.

The bright new colour will increase visibility of the stickers, particularly at a distance.

Another change this year is the introduction of registration numbers. Previously the stickers contained only a sequence number, which was matched to registration internally at the TSC.

The inclusion of the registration number on the sticker will make it easier for our compliance team to check that the sticker is affixed to the right vehicle. Members of the public will also be able to identify appropriately licensed hire vehicles.

The new labels will be issued to licence holders in the coming weeks where the licence is current without outstanding fees owing and where there is a vehicle attached to the licence.

Find out more information about hire vehicles.

17 Feb 2015

AFR/BRW article incorrect – no deal done

On Saturday 14 February 2015, the Australian Financial Review (AFR) incorrectly reported that Taxi Services Commissioner, Graeme Samuel, had struck a confidential deal with Uber in relation to ridesharing in Victoria. This same incorrect article was run again by the Business Review Weekly on 16 February 2015

Mr Samuel and the Taxi Services Commission would like to set the record straight by saying that no deal has been made in relation to ridesharing in this state.

It has been public knowledge since late 2014 that Uber had agreed to comply with driver accreditation laws following enforcement action by the TSC. Compliance with these laws is an important element in ensuring passenger safety.

The article by journalist Patrick Durkin includes a number of inaccuracies and quotes taken out of context – all of which are now the subject of a complaint lodged by Mr Samuel with the Editor in Chief of the Australian Financial Review. 

Any changes to the regulatory framework are ultimately a matter for government. To assist government in setting policy directions, the TSC has a role in providing advice as does the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources.

It is anticipated that the government will use its Ministerial Forum to engage and consult with the industry and consumer representatives in relation to future policy directions.

13 Feb 2015

TSC matters in court

As the regulator of the taxi and hire car industry, the Taxi Services Commissions (TSC)  places a great importance on ensuring that all drivers are complying with the relevant laws.

While the majority of the industry does the right thing, there are a small percentage that bring the standards down.

Recently the TSC has had a number of successful prosecutions in the courts. These drivers, and others, are regularly held to account for what is simply a disregard for the law.

In court recently:

Operating a vehicle without being authorised by the TSC - a driver entered a plea of guilty to one count of unauthorised operating under the TCMA. The driver was fined $1000 without conviction.

Obtaining Property by Deception – a driver pleaded guilty to fraudulently using CabCharge etickets to the sum of $300. The driver received a 12 month Good Behaviour Undertaking and was ordered to pay $300 to the court fund.

Driving without accreditation – an unaccredited driver was convicted of driving without accreditation and fined $1,800. This matter was bought to the attention of the TSC by a Taxi Booking Service who had detected the driver was unaccredited but still driving.

Operating a vehicle without being authorised by the TSC – a driver was fined $3,000 for operating a hire car vehicle without being authorised by the TSC. This matter was detected by the TSC through one of the many compliance operations that happen regularly throughout the state.

20 Mar 2014

Knowledge test a step closer

The new taxi Knowledge test is a step closer, with the Taxi Services Commission today announcing Genix has been selected to deliver the Knowledge test to taxi and hire car drivers in metro Melbourne. 

The Knowledge, part of the Victorian Government's taxi and hire car reform agenda, will form part of the accreditation process for those entering and renewing their accreditation as a taxi or hire car driver.

Genix is an independent supplier who will be responsible for assessing drivers across the four key areas - general assessment, geographical knowledge, driver skills and wheelchair accessible taxis.

Read the media release. Read more about the Knowledge test.