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21 Oct 2016

Increase to Melbourne Airport taxi rank fee

Earlier in 2016, Melbourne Airport indicated it intended to increase the access fee it charges taxi drivers from $2.70 to $3.58 from 1 November 2016. Under the maximum fare schedule determined by the Essential Services Commission (ESC) in June 2016, taxi drivers are only able to charge passengers a rank fee of $2.70.

Following consultation with the Airport, taxi industry and the public, the ESC has decided that taxi drivers should be able to pass through the costs Melbourne Airport imposes on them. To give effect to this decision, the ESC made a 'Determination of Maximum Taxi Fares' dated 17 October 2016 that authorises taxi drivers to charge, from 1 November 2016, the hirer:

a Melbourne Airport Rank fee of an amount up to the greater of

  1. $2.70; or
  2. an Airport Access Fee payable by the taxi for using that taxi rank as published from time to time by Melbourne Airport in a daily newspaper generally circulating in Victoria, on Melbourne Airport's website and as advised to the Taxi Services Commission.

In regards to pre-booked taxis at Melbourne Airport, the fee which drivers may charge hirers remains at $3.00. The Airport booking fee may be charged in addition to the standard taxi booking fee (maximum of $2.00).   

The ESC is the independent body responsible for determining the maximum fares taxi drivers may charge hirers but it has no role in reviewing, or approving the fees that Melbourne Airport charges taxi drivers.

The above information should be read in conjunction with the full ESC determination of October 2016 which can be accessed at: www.esc.vic.gov.au

20 Oct 2016

Our call centre hours are changing

From 24 October 2016, the Taxi Services Commission's Call Centre will operate new hours.

Our new hours of operation are 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

Please note that the new hours of operation apply to the call centre only. Our walk in Customer Service Centre will continue to operate from 9:30am to 4:00pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

Visit our Contact us page for more information.

30 Aug 2016

Quality Assurance Centre change to operating hours

The Quality Assurance Centre, Tullamarine will operate with different hours on the following days:

  • 1 September, open 8:30 until 11:30am, closed for remainder of day
  • 9 September, closed all day
  • Normal operating hours apply outside of these times

29 Aug 2016

Quickest way to apply for driver accreditation

To apply for driver accreditation, please download the driver accreditation application from our website and follow the instructions.

Once complete, the quickest way to lodge your application is by sending your application and associated documentation to the email address on our website.

When completing your application, make sure you supply your email address so that we can keep you updated with the progress of your application.

Once complete, your documents will be issued to your nominated postal address by mail.

Go the driver accreditation page to get the form and more information.

12 Jul 2016

Statement from the Taxi Services Commission - UberX appeal

The Taxi Services Commission (TSC) has confirmed that the Department of Public Prosecutions has decided that the County Court's decision regarding the case against UberX driver will not be referred to the Court of Appeal.

The section of the Transport Act on which this decision was based has now been repealed, removing any ambiguity regarding the role and powers of the TSC as the regulator.

Consequently, the TSC has dropped the remaining charges pending against 11 UberX partner drivers.  

The Victorian Government has indicated its intentions to regulate ride-sharing in the future. The TSC will continue to perform its licensing, accreditation and compliance functions to keep passengers safer, while these complex matters are considered.