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07 Jun 2018

Providing Multi Purpose Taxi Program services

The Taxi Services Commission (TSC) is working to expand the Multi Purpose Taxi Program (MPTP) to all regulated commercial passenger vehicle service providers, allowing them to offer services to MPTP members. This includes taxis and hire cars.

We want to hear from industry participants who would like to take part in providing services for subsidised trips taken by MPTP members.

If you are interested in demonstrating that your company can meet the functional and technical specifications outlined in the below data collection pack, we invite you to contact us about your data collection options, systems and ideas.

MPTP data collection provider package DOCX, 2.3 MB

The MPTP is administered by the TSC and currently has over 200,000 members in Victoria. In 2016–17, more than 4.9 million trips were undertaken by members using their MPTP cards.

To participate in providing data collection services for subsidised MPTP commercial passenger vehicle trips, please contact Roland Estrella, TSC Manager, Business Services, via email roland.estrella@taxi.vic.gov.au or phone (03) 8683 0749.

28 May 2018

New way to process Multi Purpose Taxi Program cards being trialled in Melbourne

When Multi Purpose Taxi Program (MPTP) members currently take a taxi, after presenting your MPTP card to the driver, your driver uses a EFTPOS machine to record your membership number and calculate your subsidised fare.

For the next few weeks, a new card reading device is being trialled in several taxis in the Melbourne metropolitan area.

Net-Cabs, trading as Oiii, will use a system based on a tablet device including meter, in a small number of their taxis, rather than swiping your MPTP card in an EFTPOS machine.

This change will not alter your entitlement in anyway. It simply means your MPTP card information is captured in a different way. If you use a wheelchair, you will not be charged a lifting fee.

You will only come across the new technology if you have booked an Oiii taxi via their app, hailed one of their taxis on the street, or hired one at a taxi rank.

All other Melbourne taxis will continue to use an EFTPOS machine to check your eligibility and calculate your subsidy.

10 May 2018

New fact sheet to help community transport providers and councils offer commercial passenger vehicle services

Charitable services, such as community transport providers and councils, wanting to offer commercial passenger vehicle services in their communities, in addition to their charitable transport services, now have a new fact sheet to help them get started.

The Getting Started in the commercial passenger vehicle industry fact sheet outlines how to get started in the industry, including applying to us for accreditation, information on fares, providing accessible services, access to our Multi Purpose Taxi Program and your requirements and obligations.

Getting Started in the commercial passenger vehicle industry fact sheet PDF, 239.6 KB

Getting Started in the commercial passenger vehicle industry fact sheet  DOCX, 31.3 KB

Most charitable services, including community transport services and councils, do not need Taxi Services Commission (TSC) accreditation, as these services are provided free, or for a token amount. Those wishing to expand their services to include commercial passenger vehicle services, however, need to apply to us for accreditation.

For more information, send an email to the TSC Stakeholder Engagement team on or phone them on 1800 638 802.

29 Dec 2017

The Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry Amendment (Further Reforms) Bill 2017 has passed through parliament

The new Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry Amendment (Further Reforms) Bill 2017 was passed by the Victorian Parliament and became law on Tuesday 19 December 2017.

This is the second and final piece of legislation by the Victorian Government to reform the commercial passenger vehicle industry.

Now that the Bill has become the Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry Amendment (Further Reforms) Act 2017, further reforms will begin to be implemented. The Taxi Services Commission will work towards implementing the further reforms when the new law takes effect.

As part of its new responsibility monitoring fares, the Commission must report annually on commercial passenger vehicle fares, following the introduction of fare flexibility, which allows Booking Service Providers to set their own fares. Fares will change and the Commission will keep Victorian consumers informed.

Fare flexibility will lead to increased competition and greater consumer choice. New regulations will be introduced to require service providers to provide a fare estimate to the hirer of a commercial passenger vehicle, prior to the commencement of a trip.

Newsafety requirements will see all taxi and hire car companies owing a general safety duty of care to commercial passenger vehicle passengers and drivers. This duty will help ensure the safety of commercial passenger vehicle services, as far as is reasonably practicable.

Booking Service Providers, commercial passenger vehicle owners, people providing services, and suppliers of services and equipment to vehicle owners are required to ensure the safety of commercial passenger vehicle services, and need to establish and maintain register of safety risks for managing safety for operating a commercial passenger vehicle service.

The Commission will also undergo a name change, to reflect the new commercial passenger vehicle industry.

As updates become available, more information about this Act and further reforms will be published on this website.

For more information or queries about this Act, please phone the Taxi Services Commission Call Centre on 1800 638 802.

09 Oct 2017

New low cost licences

The new Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry Act 2017 becomes a law in force today, Monday 9 October, and new low cost taxi and hire car licences are now available.

These low cost licences are available for an annual administration fee of $52.90.

People wishing to apply for a taxi or hire car licence must own a vehicle and, if applying for a taxi licence, they must already be driver accredited and/or operator accredited. Applicants are advised to refer to the licence application checklist on our website to ensure all the necessary information is provided with their application. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Once complete, vehicle licence applications can be submitted via email to licensing.applications@taxi.vic.gov.au, by mail and in person at the Taxi Services Commission.

Licence payments are accepted via credit card and EFTPOS.

Existing licence holders need not apply for a new licence.

Taxi licence information is available on the taxi licences page of the website.

Hire car licence information is available is available on the hire car licences page of the website

Those applying for a hire car licence have until 31 December 2017 to submit an application with the Taxi Services Commission. While industry reforms are being implemented, all hire car vehicles (licenced or unlicenced) must ensure they meet industry standards including roadworthiness, or risk fines and penalties.

Information on fees and changes is available by visiting fees and charges

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