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Media enquiries

Overview of the Taxi Services Commission

On Monday 1 July 2013, the Taxi Services Commission (TSC) was established as the new regulator of the taxi and hire car industries as part of the Taxi Industry Inquiry initiated by the Victorian Government.

The TSC is tasked with regulating the industry and implementing the Government endorsed reform recommendations. The reforms will create a more flexible and responsive industry that delivers a better deal for customers.

The TSC suggests that before making a media enquiry, you read:

  1. all of the information available on the TSC website and in the TSC's annual reports
  2. the news on the TSC website
  3. the range of taxi and hire car-related statistics available on the TSC website.

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Journalists with taxi-related media enquiries should contact the Taxi Services Commission on 0419 348 467.

Student media enquiries

How to place a student media enquiry

The Communications Team will endeavour to facilitate (or help with) all student requests, however priority is given to enquiries from media organisations.

Due to the volume of enquiries from media organisations and others, it is only possible to respond to students via email. The TSC is unable to accommodate requests for student interviews.

Students should submit their questions by email to contact@taxi.vic.gov.au at least five working days before deadline. Enquiries submitted within a shorter deadline may not be answered.

When emailing questions, students should also include:

  • name
  • contact email
  • phone number
  • university/school being attended
  • information on where the information is to be used (e.g. publication or assignment).